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This course transits through the most spectacular places of the central mass. Departing from Fuente Dé, we will ascend Hachero (Scene of the Vertical Kilometer of Fuente Dé) to reach the Summit of the mystic peak of the area. We will visit the Refuge of Collado Jermoso, place famouse for its breathtaking views of The Friero Peak and the occidental mass. From here we will descend the vega de Asotín to climb once more to the Liordes from where we will descend Fuente Dé by a place you cannot even imagine, enjoying the view and the breathtaking trails.

*You can use ticket for the Cable Car one way if you want to depart from its station at the upper Summit.

Distance: 20Km a 25Km depending on preference of course
Elevation: +2.400m -2.400m

Number of People Price per Person
2 people 59€
3 o 4 people 49€
5 o 6 people 39€
7 0 8 people 25€

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