The Ravine of Navedo

 All Levels

The descent of ravines is one of the most fun activities within active tourism. The European Peaks, represent one of the most important zones for the practice of declension of ravines in our country. The various slides, jumps, and descent by rope…make the descent of ravines a must activity for any visitor of the mountain. In addition to the great variety of itineraries, it makes this type of activity ideal both for families or beginners, as well as experts in this sport.

There is no need to have previous experience since there are different itineraries which range from beginner to expert. In our case in particular we will choose a course from level 1 or beginners so that clients can have a good experience and have no need of any technical knowledge.

The Ravines in the gorge of the Hermida is very complete, with 3 or 4 descents by rope, lots of slides and at the end an optional jump of 7-8 meters to feel authentic adrenaline. The Ravine has an approximate walking distance of 20 minutes uphill but easy. We enter a small jump to get used to the water. Followed by the first descent by rope of a 10m vertical fall ending in a pool of water, continuing with a slide, destrepes and a descuelgue-rápel of 3m to reach a great descent by rope of 20m. We will continue ascending very fun slides especially in the Spring where there is a good level of water. At the end of the ravine, there is a canalization which offers a 6m descent by rope in the air, which is very nice, a small jump, a slide, and to finish those who want to, can enjoy a great jump of 7-8 meters. Depending on the number of participants, and the willingness to continue a little further, there is a descent by rope and a great area for walking.


Descent in open areas and other canalizations which are nicely formed with waterfalls, extensions of land and slides which give it a fun and beautiful air make it easy to descend without added difficulties.

Duration of the descent: 2hours

The course includes:

  • Specialized guides from the area
  • Responsibility Insurance
  • Accident Insurance
                    Number of people                 Price per person
                             2 people                             60€
                             3 or more                             50€
                             Families                             45 €

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