A spectacular trekking experience which takes you to the heart of the central mass located in the European Peaks. Our adventure will take us to 4 refuges located in this breathtaking mass, Collado Jermoso, Cabaña Verónica, Refugio de Urriellu and Refugio de Cabrones which, without a doubt, will leave everyone breathless.

Date: 29th ,30th and 31th of July

Fecha: 2nd, 3rd y 4th of August

Fecha: 17th, 18th y 19th of August

Fecha: 6th, 7th y 8th of September

Meeting Point: Parking lot located in Fuente Dé at 9:00h


First day

Departure from Fuente Dé escalating on one of the most spectacular walking paths created during the mining era, the tornos de Liordes, after the ascension of one of the peaks in the area, we will continue walking along the Vega de Liordes to later reach Las Colladinas and arrive at the refuge of Collado Jermoso situated in an breathtaking enclave. Situated in the Leon face it counts on breathtaking sites of the occidental mass of the Peaks, where one can see Peña Santa de Castilla at the summit.

Second day

We will depart from Collado Jermoso and head in the direction of Cabaña Verónica through Horcada Casares. Once this point is reached, we will begin our decent of the Boches, a technical decent with the aid of a cable. Once this part has been reached we will continue through the Hou without soil to reach the Refuge of Urriellu located at the base of Pico Urriellu, whose Summit is the best representation of the European Peaks.

Third day

We will depart from Urriellu, to ascend steadily Horcada Arenera. Once we arrive at Cabrones we will find a completely different environment from Urriellu, with less visitors due to its distance from the center of town. From here the only direction is down towards civilization through the Tejo Canal, ancient and only way of communication between Poncebos and Bulnes until the construction in the year 2000 of the cable car. After crossing the River Cares on the Jaya bridge, we arrive at Poncebos where we will finish our trek.



  • Mountain Guide
  • Night in Refuge of Collado Jermoso and Urriellu
  • Breakfast in the Refuge Collado Jermoso and Urriellu
  • Dinner in Refuge Collado Jermoso and Urriellu
  • Accident and Responsibility Insurance
  • Photos of Trek

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