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The European Peaks, which are so modest in area, but rich in its summit and peaks, reaching heights of over 2.600 meters, forty of them more than 2.500 metros, and practically 250 reach more than 2.000 meters above sea level. Due to its vertical height and the variety of peaks, they offer various places of uninhabited beauty, forming an incomparable landscape in Spain.

The possible courses are varied, but here are our some suggestions:

  • Peña Vieja
  • Tesorero
  • La Padiorna
  • Torrecerredo
  • El Friero
  • La Palanca

Live this unique experience, join us in the most spectacular places of the Peaks and its mountain range on several days walking, sleeping in breathtaking mountain refuges of the European Peaks or spending your days walking leisurely from a base camp in any of the villages of the valley. These are only a small example of the possibilities, but don’t forget there are mountain refuges that can be found in mystical surroundings, like Veronica’s Cabin, or Collado Jermoso, among others…

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