Vía Ferrata*  

principiante Beginner

*If you have never participated in this type of activity, we recommend the hiring of a guide.

What are the Vía Ferratas?

The Vías Ferratas are sport itineraries equipped with steps, cables, pegs, ramps, handrails, staples, and all types of devices in general to guarantee the security of the user and facilitate the progress to achieve the climb, insuring the security needed by those, who are not habitual mountain climbers.

For those who want to take the Vía Ferrata up a notch, we propose an evening excursion, which without a doubt will leave anyone speechless. Experiment the spectacular sensation of walking into thin air!

Mapa via ferrata Camaleño

For whom are the Vía Ferratas

They are good for lovers of the mountains and want to try new emotions. For mountain climbers who find the climb boring or are eager to face a new challenge. It is also for mountain climbers who have not practiced the sport in a long time. It is an activity that attracts young people and not so young people who find hiking unfulfilling. We recommend a minimum level of physical activity and not be afraid of heights.

Equipment and Security

The Access of the Vías Ferratas is free, although if you are not an expert we recommend being accompanied by a guide. The minimum equipment needed to enjoy the Vías Ferratas consists of a helmet, harness and authorized fail safe resistance pulleys. If you do not have any of these elements or need the equipment, there is the option of rental.

Number of participants Price per person
Up to 2 60 euros
From 3 to 5 50 euros
From 6 to 9 40 euros
More than 9 participants Consult us

Included in complete equipment rental (harness, fail safe resistance pulley, helmet, front lantern)

Specialized guide

Responsibility Insurance

Accidental Insurance

Equipment (Helmet, harness, fail safe resistance pulley, front lantern)

Photos of the Vía

Rental of individual required equipment

Type of equipment Price per person
Helmet 5 euros
Harness 6 euros
Fail Safe Resistance Pulley 7 euros
Complete Equipment 15 euros

Ask us for information!


Vía Ferrata Camaleño Evening Excursion

Rental Center Operation Hours

Summer Time Table (July 1 through September 17) 10:00 to 13:30 and 15:30 to 19:00