Vía Ferrata Camaleño*  

principiante Beginner

*If you have never participated in this type of activity, we highly recommend a guide

What are the Vías Ferratas?

The vías ferratas are itineraries based on courses equipped with steps, cables, nails, ramps, handrails, bridges and in general all types of equipment needed to guarantee the safety of the user and allow the progress to climb a mountain face with security for those not used to mountain climbing.

Croquis Via Ferrata Camaleño

For who are the vías ferratas

They are ideal for lovers of the mountain, who want to experience new emotions in the mountains, but who do not enjoy mountain climbing. It is also good for those mountain climbers who have not practiced the sport in a long time and in general for those who have an adventurous spirit and want to try new experiences. It is an activity enjoyed by young and not so young people who find simple walking unfulfilling. We recommend a minimum level of fitness and to not be afraid of heights.

Equipment and Security

Access to the Vías Ferratas is free, but if you have no experience we recommend a guide. The minimum equipment needed to enjoy the vías ferratas is a helmet, harness, and fail safe resistance pulleys. If you do not have any of these pieces of equipment or need them all, rental is available in our establishment.

Via Ferrata Camaleño

The Via Ferrata Camaleño is located in the village of Los Llanos, just half way in the Potes – Fuente Dé road. Its stunning views of the Picos de Europa Oriental Massif and his logic and spectacular design make this via the most beautiful one in all the Picos de Europa area.

This via has 3 different pitches , the first 2 pitches are for beginners and the third one count on three different options.One of them is crossing a tibetanian bridge followed for 3 overhanging places considered as a K4, the second option goes up directly to the summit and it is the easier part (K2) and the last third and last option  is a brand new via that is recommended just for people with climbing knowledge as it is a very difficult itinerary (K5).

This is a Via Ferrata suitable for everybody due to its different pitches with different difficulty levels that drives you to the summit!!

Number of guests Price per person
Up to 2 50 euros
From  3 on 45 euros

Including all equipment necessary (Harness-Fail Safe Resistance Pulleys-Helmet)

Certified Guide

Responsibility Insurance

Accident Insurance

Photographs of the Course

Rental of compulsory equipment

Type of equipment Price per person
Helmet 6 euros
Harness 6 euros
Fail Resistance Pulley 8 euros
Complete Equipment 20 euros

Ask us for information!


España Directo TVE in Via Ferrata Camaleño

Hours of Operation for Rentals

In summer (1 of July to 17 of September) 10:00 to 13:30 and from 15:30 to 19:00

From September 18 the house will be open every weekend until November.

If you want to use the services of the same weekday just you have to contact us!