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 My name is Oscar Sebrango and I am in love with the mountains in general, and I have the luxury of living in the European Peaks. Since I was a small child, the mountain always caught my attention and I discovered new landscapes. I suppose that living in Espinama, at the doors of the Central Mass of the Peaks, helps with this…




  • I went to the vía ferrata, it was my first time doing something like this, and I was speechless. Oscar is the perfect guide, charming and friendly, he gave me security and we had an extraordinary time. He was attentive at all times and showed me different things in nature to understand what I was experiencing. I will definitely return to do another Vía Ferrata with him. He is a guy who truly enjoys what he does and it shows. A marvelous unforgettable day.

    Noeyma Opinion on Tripadvisor
  • We have chosen to spend a few days with the family in the Valley of Liébana. We expected it to be like all other valleys, but were very surprised with the friendliness, the knowledge and the closeness of its people. One of the mornings we decided to do the Vía Ferrata of Camaleño, with a guide of course. The guide was incredibly professional at all times, he gave us a sense of confidence with each step and the best part is that you begin with a guide and finish with a companion. 1,000 thanks and congratulations This is recomendable 100%. Thanks Oscar.

    Xavi Sastrada
    Xavi Sastrada Opinion on Tripadvisor
  • The excursion with snow shoes with Oscar, as a guide, was fantastic. The Landscape of the European Peaks is incomparable and the guide was very professional and friendly. It was a beautiful experience and very recommendable. Cantabria unlimited!

    Martavel Opinion on Tripadvisor
  • We did a course with snow shoes and the truth is that all was perfect in spite of the wind on the last part and the changing weather conditions, but very entertaining. The guide Oscar is very nice, recommendable and will repeat. The course is for all levels, all you need is to be a little fit.

    Maliworld Opinion on Tripadvisor
  • It was our first Vía Ferrata (A mountain route equipped with fixed ladders, cables, and bridges in order to be accessible to climbers and walkers.) and everything went smoothly with Nicolas. He helped and motivated us every step of the way. 100% recomendable.

    Markel U
    Markel U Opinion on Tripadvisor
  • We did the course with snow shoes + spa and without a doubt we would do it again. We were four girls, on our first experience with snow shoes, and we would highly recommend it. The landscape is breathtaking, Oscar, our guide, was very hospitable; it is the perfect course for all levels of fitness. On our way down, we stopped to eat in Espinama, real home cooking, but very elaborated. If you have the time, it is a pretty village to walk around and discover. Afterwards, to finish the package, we went to the Spa of the Hermida, which is perfect for relaxing after the morning activities. It is an excellent plan, we will definitely return.Afterwards, to finish the package, we went to the Spa of the Hermida, which is perfect for relaxing after the morning activities. It is an excellent plan, we will definitely return.

    SilFR Opinion on Tripadvisor
  • It was a beautiful course with breathtaking views. The guide, Oscar, was very patient and helpful. The material was in good condition. It was a pleasurable experience. We will definitely return and soon.

    Noe Bizkaia
    Noe Bizkaia Opinion on Tripadvisor
  • It was a great experience. The guide was very helpful with everyone and explained interesting details about the Peaks of Europe. The material was in good condition. We were especially lucky since we had a spectacular day with excellent weather. We walked for a good while (about 3 hours), but at a nice steady pace, which for me made the walk seem less tedious. We will definitely return.

    Ignacio B
    Ignacio B Opinion on Tripadvisor
  • Thank you Oscar, a great day and your company was a pleasure. The Peaks were beautiful and a splendid day. Oscar was always helpful and knew how to adapt the excursion to the group. A real professional, we will see you soon. Salutations.

    Faustino 165
    Faustino 165 Opinion on Tripadvisor
  • We did the course through the Peaks of Europe with snow shoes, it was an incredible day and the landscape was spectacular. Oscar is a fantastic guide, who is helpful and explains all of the different points of the Peaks, which were perfectly visible on such a sunny day, like the one we had. The equipment was in good condition, like new! We would recommend the experience 100 % and surely we will repeat with another activity.

    Bea A
    Bea A Opinion on Tripadvisor
  • Oscar is a real professional and a good guy. He is patient and is a real professional, a very good guy. He is patient and knows how to make you feel confident. I went with my wife, two novices to vías ferratas and we were totally satisfied. We will repeat the experience for sure. Susana y Javier.

    Javier C
    Javier C Opinion on Tripadvisor
  • We did the Vía Ferrata Calameño with Oscar as our guide; We were novices in regards to the vías ferrata, and from the beginning Oscar gave usa ll the necessary explanations and he is always watchful of any problems, helping you continue until the end of the path. In addition, he takes photographs during the climb, allowing us to have a memoir of the experience. The place is amazing, but the view as you climb is marvelous. We were lucky to have a sunny day without a cloud in the sky, so you were able to witness the grandeur of the European Peaks around you, and Oscar would explain the different areas of the Peaks.

    Laura N
    Laura N Opinion on Tripadvisor
  • We went for the long weekend in October to do the ferrata in Camaleño with Oscar (Picosxtreme),. It was a good price and much better experience. Oscar was the perfect guide, he explained how to use the equipment and helped us through the most difficult parts of the course. He even took some fantastic photographs of us during the ferrata so we would have a nice memoir of the day. Without a doubt on our next visit to the Peaks, we will repeat the experience.

    Pablo B
    Pablo B Opinion on Tripadvisor
  • Six friends, including myself, went on the vía ferrata of the Llanos, we were treated, as well as, guided splendidly by Oscar. It was a sunny day, excellent landscapes in the European Peaks. We rate Picos Xtreme a perfect 10. They are very recommendable.

    Juan Luis G
    Juan Luis G Opinion on Tripadvisor
  • Four friends, including myself, were guided by Oscar on Saturday morning from Fuente Dé. We went via Collado Remoña and later Collado Jermoso where we slept. On Sunday, we went to the Jermoso Refuge, to Verónica´s cabin, climbed Horcados Rojos and later descended the skirt of the Naranjo until we reached Pandébano. From there, Oscar organized a 4X4 to take us to the starting point of Fuente Dé. What can I say about the experience, without a doubt the best weekend of the summer. Oscar is splendid. He marked the pace according to our capacity while motivating us by sharing interesting details about such a special place. His knowledge of the Peaks is impressive. I had already done mountaineering through the Peaks, but to have a guide like Oscar changes your perspective. The four of us had a great time. I recommend it 100%. In addition, he took photos and edited a video in Youtube, which was awesome. He was a total professional.

    Borja C
    Borja C Opinion on Tripadvisor
  • I loved the vía. It was breathtaking, very airborne, with a spectacular finish at the Bridge of Tibetano. The truth is that it can seem overwhelming, but the friendliness and professionalism of Oscar gives you the confidence to undertake the task. I will surely repeat.

    Nacho G
    Nacho G Opinion on Tripadvisor
  • Very profesional, good natured, sympathetic with the tourist and safe…I can’t think of a better way of discovering the European Peaks, than with this company and the guidance of Picos Xtreme.

    Diego F
    Diego F Opinion on Tripadvisor
  • If you are in the area, you shouldn’t miss the experience of doing the vía Ferrata in the Llanos, very close to Espinama. The team of Picos Xtreme can only be classified as excellent. I did the ferrata with Oscar, as a guide and he not only showed me the necessary technic, but motivated me and gave me the confidence I needed. It is a vía ferrata of great level, very well equipped and with spectacular views.

    Oscar G
    Oscar G Opinion on Tripadvisor
  • I went with them on a breathtaking course in the Peaks. The treatment was excellent and they were the best guides. I would surely repeat.

    Jara Pérez
    Jara Pérez Opinion on Facebook
  • Here you breathe the mountain and you can tell that this company is run by a person with real passion for sharing the mountain with others. I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a beautiful and unforgettable experience in the European Peaks.

    Christel Langeveld
    Christel Langeveld Opinion on Facebook
  • Thanks to Picos Xtreme for the experience we had today in the Ferrata of Camaleño. Especially Oscar, a great professional, you deserve a raise. An experience, which is highly recommended and will be repeated.

    Mayka BV
    Mayka BV Opinion on Facebook

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