Yesterday, the day began with a thick fog which throughout the day became the typical light drizzle in Espinama… But nothing farther from the truth, as we set course to the upper heights to discover that above 2000 meters of elevation there was sunl!!


There is still some snow in the entrance to Canalona, but one can cross it with no difficulties or need for crampons…


Our surprise yesterday, was greater when we found this legend, in the middle of the last vamp of Peña Vieja, in remembrance of someone who is no longer with us. The mountain should be used for this type of memorial, but when I thought of erasing it, I thought I was no one to destroy it.




The days of high fog are spectacular so even if you think that on the coast it is a horrible day surely in the mountain and especially here you will be able to enjoy a sunny day. ;)

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